F1B Goldendoodles

Non-shedding & Hypoallergenic

Keep your family household allergy free. Gooldendoodles grow hair, like a human, instead of fur. This means they have far less dander and shedding. Their fur is wonderfully soft, and can be cut short for sport, long for show, or any cute hairstyle you can imagine. They love all the attention when getting a haircut.

Last Year's litter

Intelligent & Loyal

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Intelligent & Loyal

Goldendoodles get their intelligence from the poodle in them, and their loyalty from the Golden Retriever. The mother is our only family pet, and is loving and protective with our children. Several owners that purchased ealier puppies from us still keep in touch, and report wonderful relationships with their dogs.

Mini to Medium Size

Your puppy is expected to grow to between 25-45 pounds. They will have a curly coat, and need a hair cut every 8 weeks. They will also want to snuggle a lot.